Painless Divorce

crashingIf you are thinking of separating or divorcing, my team and I can help you end your relationship and build good foundations for both of your separate futures.

Painless Divorce uses a multi-disciplinary team collaboration. This is a new approach in the UK that brings together solicitors, accountants, psychologists and mediators, all trained in collaborative team work. A proven model, it is commonplace in Australia, USA, Canada and Ireland. Divorcing couples experience a seamless service enabling you to separate quickly and without accessing the Family Courts. Our team of professionals act as advisors allowing you to maintain control. Most importantly, your costs do not escalate and the welfare of your children and extended family are preserved.

“By the way. Thank you. I really appreciate everything you have done for us both. It has made things a lot clearer and easier to get through.”


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    Painless Divorce



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