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I offer individual therapy supporting people through a wide range of issues such as anxiety and depression, grief, post traumatic stress disorder, early trauma and infertility. business coach, individual therapy, stress management

Together, we consider the areas that are negatively impacting you and finds ways for you to create positive thinking and develop more effective behaviours.

“I got your details from my cousin who saw you 5 years ago. She always keeps your details in her purse, just in case.”

“Hello Adriana

I wanted to re-emphasise and to make certain to you how much of an emotional capacity building & a life-changing experience – based on the work that we did and that you shaped – it has been for me. I cannot value the work enough. I now feel ( and I still test myself ) without emotional fear anymore, that fear that I unconsciously held within me for most, if not all of my life.

The techniques you shared are really powerful and on reflection, are quite simple and obvious to say and try, but powerful, when you are in the right place.”
Thank you, P

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