I have experience delivering:

  • Senior Management work and life coaching
  • Team communication programmes
  • Workplace culture integration services for expats
  • Senior Management individual and family counselling
  • Workplace critical incident consultancy and assessments, (with specific experience in international banking, retail and construction industries).

I work with organisations and business owners to further develop their leadership skills, increase performance and ‘think outside the box’ to promote flexibility in ever-changing situations. I provide tailor-made training and coaching programmes to develop individual and team effectiveness.

My network of highly experienced colleagues are able to provide additional services such as psychometric assessments and profiling.

“Adriana provides a high level of professional, conscientious, and discreet attention to customers and clients, alike. From customer planning meetings to client trainings and ultimately one-on-one interaction, Adriana maintains her focus on providing quality service with the overarching goal of employee productivity. I would recommend Adriana to anyone looking for quality, substance, and integrity.”

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