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“When someone first mentioned I needed to get help, I was sceptical to say the least. You get so used to hearing all the stories about seeing a therapist, but I was at a stage where I just did not know what to do or how to get out of the black-hole I felt I was in.

I was referred to Adriana through my Employers’ Stronger Minds programme, the thing I love most about Adriana is her ability to detect what mood I am in and her knowing exactly what to say to make me feel better. For me I was suffering from anxiety, was a worrier, plagued with thoughts and as a consequence was struggling to function on a day-to-day basis with even the simplest of tasks.

For me I thought therapy was for ill people and I felt embarrassed to be fixating my problem on anyone, but therapy allows you to dig out the problems, get rid of them and allows your mind to heal properly.

What I love most about Adriana is her ability to open my mind to always see the best path, my session with her was so looked forward to and in the early stages the best part of my week. The one hour with Adriana is enough to positively dictate the event of the week to come strengthening my mind mentally, inspired that I recall our sessions to walk the road ahead with me.

Adriana’s communication with me is precise and down to earth. It allowed me to ‘realise’ my situation and gain an independence to deal with issues with confidence, over time a relationship built between Adriana and me.

Seeing Adriana has helped me see the brighter side of life, I was unable to change my thought patterns without her help. The supportive relationship we built up has allowed me to find a better way to view every day and to look ahead to the future. The process has not been easy, but when I make the effort I experience the difference in my emotions and I realise there is an alternative way to

Therapy with Adriana has literally turned my life around, I was totally supported as I opened up the hurts no matter how silly or insignificant they are. Therapy has helped me to see the brighter side of life.

Thank-you Adriana, you have given me so much. For me the most valuable piece of knowledge is there is no end to the journey, I will always be changing, growing, getting it wrong, carrying on and that I will never be perfect, but I can tell you that’s a much better place to be than when I first met you.”
Best Business Practice Manager
May 2020

“…thank you for your patience, your expertise and your understanding.” Consultant, NHS

“…I can’t begin to express the impact Adriana has made to my wellbeing.”            S, Business Manager

“Adriana’s sessions were extremely helpful as she supported me through a very difficult time.”
A, Company Director

“I had never thought of going to speak to a professional before but I’m really glad I did. Adrianna was very friendly and put me at ease from our first meeting, she helped provide clarity to the situation and helped me see things differently. I don’t think this happens when you talk to friends and family because they are often too emotionally involved.”

“Adrianna helped me to focus on the positives and taught me techniques to help me through certain situations. I am very grateful to her for helping me get to a better place and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling to see past a difficult time.”


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